Saturday, 10 April 2010

The start of yet something else

Ok, so I created this "hub" as central place to upload info about what I'm working on, or planning to work on, that doesn't yet warrant its own blog. To explain; I'm already working on a functioning Sci-Fi model / VTOL UAV, I'm in the middle of animating a toy meerkat for work and I had to make some mods to my motorcycle helmet recently (links in the sidebar). On top of that I was given a 2 axis stepper driven linear table recently and thought it a great opportunity to look at creating my own CNC machine.

I can share info and photos here on the hub of stuff that may or may not go anywhere, and will link to my other stuff. Blogs are so much more convenient than my old website, that I had to use specific software, edit and upload via FTP, to use.

Anyway, enough rambling; I'm supposed to be doing my assignment :-/

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