Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Been busy, but not on projects...

I took my bike off road for the first time in early December, and fell off in the mud. First tried motorcycle camping in late December then a bike rally in April. Lots of green lanes since then and even a river crossing. More recently I've done some servicing and maintenance and then some more riding :-)
On top of the all-consuming motorcycling, a huge chunk of my time and energy goes on my studies. I'm on year four of four (part-time). And I manage to squeeze in some gaming (GEARS OF WAR!!!) around family stuff too.
Sometimes I spend a few hours on a project, usually late on into the wee hours, often with loud music on to help keep me focused/awake. I had a FINALLY! moment, despite hopeless (LCD) datasheets, I finally got round to trying out a standard LCD. I love Microchip PICmicros!
Finally! Late nights and loud music win again despite hopeless (LCD) datasheets.

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