Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Water water everywhere

So for the last week or so I've been running a bodged bypass cable, but I've not been happy risking it. After speaking to mate, I resigned myself to having to buy a replacement so I don't do more damage. At least it will allow me to investigate further without having to take the bike off the road.

New one arrived today from James Sherlock. The date on the bag said 20 Apr 2009! :-/
That's what £88 gets you!
Heavy rain over the last couple of days meant the well around the pump connector was full of water and it had been running fine. Proof that, in the short term at least, water in the pump connector doesn't stop operation.
Now I just need some goldfish.
Surprised it kept running at all!
Interestingly, it seems that BMW have identified the same issue (that I mentioned in the first post) of water ingress via the base of the connector. So the new controller gets additional potting/sealing...
New controller with additional sealing around connector base.
So it's as good as new (!) and I'd better get on with that assignment...

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