Wednesday 8 September 2010

Portable Workspace

Saw this on Make:
...and it looks amazingly similar to mine, but I cheated; using a existing case. Note the LED work light (telescopic fold-away), old computer PSU from my collection of crap and a battery powered soldering iron (OK for light duty work). This is a pic of me using it at Super Happy Dev Club meet #17.
Portable workspace at SHDC #17.


  1. I love this, can you give more details on what's in your case? Which brand of case is that? etc.

  2. Hi Jim, sorry for the delay in responding.

    It was just one I had kicking around for ages. You can get similar ones in many different places.

    As for contents; it's just a bunch of business card boxes (happened to fit and I had a number of them) that hold components and odds and ends, along with small needle-nose pliers, side-cutters, scalpel, trim-pot twiddler, a terminal driver, breadboard and an old (small) PC PSU to power everything. Oh, and a small, surprisingly useful (for small jobs), battery powered soldering iron.

    An A4 clipboard and steel rule fit in the base (the lid) and there's also a quick-fit helping hand type thing at the front. There's also a slot to store my Microchip ICD2.