Sunday, 25 July 2010

iPhone mount: paint and assemble

I've been hanging on to a heavy-duty plastic bracket for about three years now. I think it originally came off a car phone mount; a piece of someone else's junk saved from the skip. Now it seems almost perfect for modding into a handlebar mount, with the addition of some stainless steel M4 screws and a small rectangle of 6mm polycarbonate. Thin sheet rubber (again, saved off-cuts) serves to provide grip and some vibration cushioning.

Old phone bracket serving as bar clamp, screwed into iDry base.
Only a single stainless steel M5 holds the iDry case in place. Will it be enough?
The above photos show the disassembled iDry case; the top comes off simply by pushing out the hinge-pin, and the end locking handle comes off with two small screws.

Some more thin rubber sheet, laid inside, should help prevent scratching and provide a little more cushioning.

Thin rubber sheet and double-sided sticky tape ("for quickness").
Rubber sheet added to bottom and back.
With that done, I needed to spray the in-your-face white. I had white, fluorescent orange or gloss black...
Sprayed gloss black (looks like grey in pic).
Safety lock removed before spraying.
Left to dry briefly before each light coat, then left to dry properly.

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